Multi-Faceted Organization Offers Moldmaking, Molding, Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing

Unique approach to moldmaking.

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Roush Manufacturing Services/Tool Group of Roush Enterprises is home to an 110,000-square foot tooling facility that contains 20 CAD/CAM workstations, 17 CNC machines, five EDM machines, a variety of mold building equipment, three injection molding machines for tryouts and production, on-site Mold Flow analysis, and in-house CMM--all used  for the specialty and niche vehicles, medical device and consumer products markets. The company also races cars! Roush highlighted its unique approach to the mold manufacturing process, and showcased the 2013 Roush Mustang. They leverage the manufacturing capabilities found in the moldmaking process into other products/services in order to diversify their offerings and lower overall risk from the volatility associated with only one type of product. They also leverage the principles of economics into the formulation of processing strategies that improve overall productivity. They leverage the principles of traditional engineering into how they approach the design, manufacture and validation of injection mold tool design.