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AST Technology GmbH, with sister company Progressive Components, has introduced the latest edition of its CVe Monitor™ System, Version 1.7, which now offers users the opportunity to drive comprehensive mold management in 10 languages, the companies state.
According to the companies, the CVe Monitor device was the first in the industry to provide comprehensive mold data—from cycle counts to maintenance actions that are downloadable from the device to generate mold performance reports. In addition, setup sheets and other critical documentation can be stored on the unit's internal flash drive. By connecting the device to the free CVe OnDemand™ software, users can access mold history from anywhere in the world.
Building upon the previous version's four languages (English, German, Mandarin and Spanish), this new release now adds, for both the OnDemand user as well as the report recipient, the addition of French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Thai.
The companies worked closely with their Users Group to learn what additional features and tweaks are desired, and have made numerous modifications as a result of their feedback. The system’s fully array of services include:
·         Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
·         Standard Tooling and Engineering
·         Process Development and Optimization
·         Assessment and Training