Molds with Extremely Complex Geometries

Water Outlet assembly by moldmaker.

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This year's newly named 2012 Leadtime Leader Award Winner, Industrial Molds Group, showcased its award-winning automotive component, the Water Outlet assembly, which won the Single Part award at the International Plastics Design Competition. This is just one example of the molds with extremely complex geometries that Industrial Molds designs and builds for its customers in the automotive, industrial, commercial refrigeration and medical industries.

The Water Outlet assembly was a metal to plastic conversion which integrated two components into one assembly. The thermoplastic replacement is a single molded product, delivering greater than 25% cost savings and a 450-gram weight reduction.  By converting the Water Outlet to a single piece injection molded component, Industrial Molds’ customer eliminated the need for 18 machining operations and two leak paths. The Water Outlet achieves machined metal tolerances right out of the mold without any secondary machining processes.



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