Mold Release Agent for Polyurethane Seating Applications

Release Coating 7291

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Huron Technologies' Release Coating 7291 delivers productivity improvements for molders of flexible and high resiliency polyurethane foam typically used in seating applications. Release Coating 7291 assists molders in achieving longer molding cycles before cleaning and delivers excellent release of seating for off road vehicles, motorcycles, and office furniture.

Key benefits of Release Coating 7291 include:

Easy clean up - Release Coating 7291 can be wiped clean on line, unlike harsh chemicals left behind by many other release agents.

Increased time in production - Minimal removal of the molds from the production cycle for rigorous cleaning allows manufacturers to mold more parts per cycle, eliminating unnecessary downtime.

Excellent surface appearance - Release Coating 7291 is formulated to provide excellent release ease and to ensure surfaces remain unblemished by any reaction between the release agent and the polyurethane system at mold temperatures from 80-165°F (27-74°C).