Mold Measurement/Verification

FARO Edge ScanArm

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For the rapid measurement and verification of mold and other freeform shapes, there is no better tool than the FARO Edge ScanArm. Dubbed the world’s first smart measurement arm, the ScanArm produces a nearly four-inch-wide laser stripe that significantly increases scan coverage over previous generations, the company states. By simply guiding the stripe across a mold’s surface, users can quickly and easily create three-dimensional models for verification and comparison to CAD. The Edge ScanArm scans at a rate of 60 frames, and captures over 45,000 3D data points, per second to allow for rapid and accurate capture of the most contoured, molded surfaces. And, with its ergonomic balancing and improved weight distribution, you can use the solution for increased periods without fatigue. Whether it’s injection molding, additive manufacturing, EDM or other application, implementing the FARO Edge ScanArm in a facility can help ensure the continued quality and accuracy of finished products.