Mold Lifter Self-Adjustment System Compensates for Misalignment

DME Accualign Lifter features a multi-axis self-adjustment system to avoid misalignment, reducing costly, unplanned molding process mishaps.


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DME Accualign Lifter.

Photo Credit: DME

DME’s proprietary Accualign Lifter possesses an improved design to help address current lifter shortfalls for optimized molding productivity, including potential misalignment during the molding process, which can often lead to costly, unplanned production shutdowns, part quality problems and possibly catastrophic damage to the mold surface itself.

According to DME, the Accualign lifter features a multi-axis self-adjustment system which compensates for misalignment. The 3D movement is achieved using a carbide ball adapter which rides in a hardened shoe and allows the rod and bar to self-adjust to the correct non-binding position vertically. This is complemented with a novel dovetail connection between the rod/bar and the ball adapter to adjust horizontally, making this lifter more dependable and precise over previous lifters.

The lifters is available in both imperial or metric dimensions, in rod with a guide bushing (and optional keeper key to secure the lift head) or square/rectangle bar with carbide roller guides for support and long life.