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Are you having mold quality issues?

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Are you having mold quality issues? Are your molds not lasting long enough? Do you have mold release issues? Is wear or corrosion prematurely damaging your molds? Would you like to improve your material flow? If so, one of Techmetals (Dayton, OH) engineered mold finishes may be the solution to your problems. Techmetals is an ISO-9002 and QS-9000 certified company. We specialize in UltraKoat®, OxyTech®, OxyLube®, E-Krome®, Armatech®, Optakoat® and other mold coatings with capacities in excess of 10-feet. Techmetals also specializes in hard-chrome, EN-alloys, nickel Teflon, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, conversion coatings, anodize, hard coat anodize and many other engineered coatings. Case Studies With Ford Supplier: Blow molding, Poly Pro (7 percent defect rate a day based on wall thinning/blow-outs). Our Techmetals process has allowed the mold a running time of three months with no wall thinning/blow-out defects. In the past 90 days our process has saved 22,050 parts that could have required them to be reground or reproduced. Please contact us to avoid problems on new molds and improve performance on current molds.