Mold Components and More on Display at Fakuma 2017

Meusburger will feature this high temperature hose, a grinding machine, a gear unit for stack molds and more at Fakuma 2017.

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A variety of mold components, accessories and other products will be on display at Fakuma 2017. Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG will present the GMT 6000 Precision cutting and grinding machine for the first time and will demonstrate the product on the show floor in Hall A2 at stand 2313. Meusburger will also show its gear unit for stack molds. The E 8630 Gear unit for stack molds can be tested once it is installed. This item has induction hardened gear wheels and gear racks in module 3 and 4. Additionally, Meusburger will feature the newly developed E 2187 Isotemp. The high temperature hose ensures more safety during the injection molding process via its new silicone sheath.

The multifunctional H 1000 Clamping system has revolutionized the manufacturing processes in moldmaking and stands for high efficiency, the company says. The system enables precise clamping of the plates with repeatable accuracy in the µ range. The innovative H 4062 Assembly table facilitates repair and assembly work on molds. Multiple air nozzles create an air cushion on the underside of the moveable plate supports, which enables light and easy movement of the tool halves. Both split line faces are freely accessible without having to reposition them.