Mold Cleaner and Saver

DME Mold Cleaner and Sure Shot Compressed-Air Spray

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DME Mold Cleaner removes corrosion-forming substances—including lactic acid, urea and sodium chloride, which are often found in perspiration residues left by the handling of polished cavities. Mold Cleaner provides up to 20 days of rust protection at temperatures up to 120oF and 100 percent humidity, according to the company. It is a protective coating for polished cavities and all metal parts. Its transparent film protects from corrosion and damage. It is soft, dry and waxy, averaging about 0.0003 of an inch thick.  For maximum convenience and precision, try the Sure Shot Compressed-Air Spray Canister, which holds a quart of either of these products. It’s refillable, reusable and easy to handle.