5/4/2010 | 3 MINUTE READ

Mold Characterization Software

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Algoryx Inc. ™ is a Los Angeles-based, systems engineering company that provides Mold Characterization Studies (MCS) for the injection molding industry.


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Algoryx Inc. ™ is a Los Angeles-based, systems engineering company that provides Mold Characterization Studies (MCS) for the injection molding industry. Algoryx just received its sixth and seventh U.S. patents for the Algoryx technology for injection molding cycle time reduction, and process monitoring and control.

"We provide a deep understanding of what goes on inside a mold using innovative science and technology. Algoryx reduces cycle time, on average, by 4-5%," states Steve Tuszynski, President of Algoryx, "but cycle time reductions of 6-7% are not uncommon. This is true even for molds previously ‘optimized’ for cycle time reduction."

Tuszynski says that process monitoring typically involves accepting good shots and rejecting bad shots. "With the Algoryx Correlation Master™ software, a visual measurement system is used to measure only the one Predictor Dimension (PD) in one cavity instead of all dimensions in all cavities," he explains. "This makes it economical to do shot-by-shot monitoring in situations where it would otherwise be unfeasible. Simply, when the PD is in the Operating Range, it is a good shot. When the PD is outside of the Operating Range, it is a bad shot."

Tuszynski further explains, "The Operating Target is the center of the Operating Range. When the PD is at the Operating Target, the parts have the highest quality (Cpk), lowest scrap and lowest reject rates. Planned applications of this technology use a vision system that measures the value of the PD and inputs that value into a closed-loop feedback control system that automatically adjusts press settings as needed."

Some Algoryx customers consider Algoryx’s control technology to be more strategically aligned with the customer’s objective of assuring dimensional compliance than are pressure sensors. "Pressure sensors measure the value of intermediate process (press) variable," says Tuszynski. "The customer is not buying pressure-versus-time profiles or integrals. The customer wants to buy good parts that are dimensionally compliant, and Algoryx can provide that."

Control of the process to mold good parts is typically gained by controlling the parameters, i.e. turning knobs or pushing buttons on the molding press control panel. That means that the injection molding press settings are always a critical part of the qualification/validation process. Algoryx’s MCS results are independent of press settings and travel with the mold from press-to-press, region-to-region and country-to-country. This enables the processor to re-validate the mold on any tonnage equivalent press anywhere in the world at only a fraction of the time, cost and effort.

"Algoryx’s customers require moldmakers to deliver the data-based MCS along with the mold as data-based proof that the mold is capable of handling normal press variation while still producing parts that meet customer Cpk requirements," says Tuszynski.

Whenever press settings are changed, traditional methods give conflicting and confounded results on both how to fine-tune the mold and on which tolerances need to be relaxed and by how much. "These trial-and-error, iterative methods result in multiple, costly, time-consuming and performance-degrading mold and tolerance tuning cycles," says Tuszynski.

In contrast, Mold Characterization Studies (MCS) using Correlation Master’s correlation charts with superimposed specification boxes enable one and only one, single-step mold and tolerance tuning cycle that is independent of the press settings used to generate the sample parts. The result is that development costs are reduced, time-to-market is accelerated and fire-fighting travel is eliminated.

The Mold Characterization Studies (MCS) using Correlation Master software makes implementing the MCS methods highly automated with a fast learning curve for the users. MCS technology reduces production costs by:

  1. Reducing cycle time to eliminate 1-2 shifts per week for 24/7 operations.

  2. Reducing press energy consumption by 4-5%.

  3. Eliminating 99% of in-process dimensional inspections and analyses.

  4. Reducing automated assembly line shut-downs due to out-of-spec parts.

  5. Greatly mitigates risk during mold development and part production.

Algoryx’s injection molding technology is currently licensed to some of the largest, multinational OEMs in the world in the medical device, automotive, electronics and fluid management industries.

If it sounds too good to be true, Algoryx invites you to take the Algoryx Challenge at www.algoryx.com