Mold and Hot Runner Technology Combines Temperature and Process Control

Barnes Molding Solutions’ brands will be presenting mold and hot runner technologies at K 2019.


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At K 2019, Barnes Molding Solutions, including brands Foboha, Gammaflux, männer, Priamus, Synventive and Thermoplay, covers the entire spectrum of moldmaking and hot runner technology, including temperature control and process control technology.

Foboha will present the Plug ‘n Play Compactcube for rapid implementation and easy maintenance, as well as its Reversecube, a system of counter-rotating cubes on an Arburg injection molding machine, which replaces several molding machines and automated assembly units with a single system.

In hot runner technology, männer, Thermoplay and Synventive will exhibit their very latest developments and projects in their sectors. Thermoplay will present its range of hot runner systems for multicavity molds with up to 144 cavities. The systems offer significant process window improvements and an optimized thermal profile, which reduces energy consumption. This helps to ensure high reliability of the injection molding process and consistent part quality, even at the high speed and volumes specifically required for caps & closures, packaging, and personal care applications.

Synventive will present its new generation eGate system. The electric-drive valve gate solution is now available for larger components and ensures complete pin movement control on each individual nozzle to achieve the highest performance for perfect component surfaces and dimensional consistency. A live demonstration of the proven SynFlow two-speed pin control technology will also be presented. SynFlow for hydraulic cascade molding now offers even more melt flow control functionality and has been equipped with a new interactive user interface.

Priamus will present its Quality Monitor, a production-optimized solution for process monitoring that incorporates the industry standard OPC-UA networking interface as part of all Priamus systems. Gammaflux will also present several integrated solutions in its G24 temperature controller. The first system is a hydraulic power unit (HPU) integrated into a G24, an HPU for controlling hydraulic valve gate systems and an integrated cascade control (SVGC). The second system integrates the männer e-control (servo control) in a G24 temperature controller. Customers benefit from a small controller footprint and only one operating console. Together with Priamus, Gammaflux integrated the Quality Monitor quality assurance monitoring software within the G24 controller.