ModuSlide® System Offers Design Flexibility


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The ModuSlide® System from Better Molding Solutions (Ellington CT) offers features that allow mold designers flexibility, including: wedge screws mount from back or front (allowing access from parting line); taller wedges have a back angle for a wedge lock for high injection pressure situations; slide bodies have precision dowel holes for slide face location or grind a keyway; slide bodies have 11/32 diameter water lines with 1/8 NPT to use as needed; slide bodies supplied with Progressive’s SRT-10 slide retainer—also most have accommodations for shoulder bolt/spring safety hold back; guides with corner radius on one or both ends; guides have precision dowel holes for location or use the pocket wall; guides are flat on bottom so wear plate can be easily replaced with 1/4” lamina stock; grind stock (.005) for final fitting is held at tight tolerances.  Don’t want to grind?  Just machine the pocket bigger; and, metric screws can be used in place of inch screws. These slide assemblies, the majority of which are on the shelf, range in size as follows: width: 1.125" to 9" overall width; thickness: 0.500" to 2.125" thick; and, slide stroke: up to 2.300". Files are easily downloaded from the company website in both 2-D (dxf) and 3-D (pararsolid) formats.