Modular Slide Assemblies Equal Time & Cost Savings

The ModuSlide.

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Better Molding Solutions offers the ModuSlide System, its new line of standard, modular slide assemblies. One of the most comprehensive slide assembly systems available on the market today, this high quality system also incorporates the SRT-10 slide lock from Progressive Components. Time and money saving features of this new system include: Grease grooves in the guides and wear plates Wedge screws that mount from the front or the back Guides with 3/8 corner radius on one end or both ends and wear plates with 3/8 corner radius on all 4 corners Robust design including 11/32 diameter water lines with 1/8 NPT, as well as a thick wedge for the two taller units in each series with accommodation for a wedge lock. A wide range of sizes is available. With all of the various options, there are over 390 competitively priced units available, the majority of which are on the shelf, ready to be shipped. CAD files are easily downloaded from the company web site in both 2d (dxf) and 3d (pararsolid) formats.