Modular Side-Action System


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The KOR-LOK® Side-Action System from PFA, Inc. (Germantown, WI) provides large pre-loads and thermal compensation to core slides by the use of a dual-action, locking intensifier at the end of a stroke. The threaded housing supports the intensifier and the integral cylinder mechanism, and then transfers the load between the mold base and the core slide through a set and pull action.

To set the KOR-LOK, the rod is extended using extend pressure. As the slide contacts the stop at the end of stroke, the locking segments are forced into the rod groove by hydraulic pressure on the locking slide. As the segments are squeezed, the rod and slide are compressed forward against the stop under very high forces—removing flex and thermal size variations. The final locking slide movement activates the set sensor.

During the pull action, retracting pressure forces the locking slide clear of the segments—allowing them to disengage as the rod and slide are pulled. When fully retracted, the rear pull sensor is activated.

Additionally, the KOR-LOK can pull at any time, at any angle. It is not a regular cylinder. It is free of platen movement; and has controlled pre-load stability, with on-the-fly adjustment. It can be adjusted in critical areas without having to take the mold apart—which results in less downtime. And, since the KOR-LOK is attached to the outside of the mold, a smaller mold base can be used. This means the mold can run in a smaller press—with less cycle time. Depending on the mold, it can be as much as 15 to 30 percent, the company states.