Modular Clamping System Reduces Setup Time

Single Source Technologies, amerimold 2014 Booth 314

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The FCS Modular Clamping System (Breyl) from Single Source Technologies (Booth 314) allows diverse fixturing options for virtually any machining sector by providing unrestricted access to five surfaces of the workpiece and enabling operators to spend less time on setups and more time on machining. The faster equipment and pallet changes facilitated by this system have also translated into a more standardized work process for improved part quality and consistency, the company says.

The system uses virtual design during the CAD/CAM stage of part production to project a grid on the workpiece that calculates the best way to attach the part for machining and chip evacuation. After checking for possible interferences with other holes, it automatically arranges the fixing seats based on the dimensions of the workpiece and combination of pallets and clamping available.

Permanent reference points enable easy removal and reassembly of the workpiece on the pallet or base gages to keep the zero reference point locked in. This design facilitates engineering changes or part repair, and the original mounting holes enable quick re-clamping at the same point. No special equipment or standard maintenance is needed. 

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