Modified Grade of Mold Steel Offers Consistent Surface Finishing

Ellwood Specialty Steel Co. introduces a P20 modified grade of mold steel offers very consistent surface finishing properties.
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Ellwood Specialty Steel Co. introduces a P20 modified grade of mold steel. Improved Lens/Texture Quality (LTQ) alloy offers very consistent surface finishing properties. Recognizing the increased demands for flawless diamond polish finishes on lens molds and complex geometric and delicate texture patterns, the company’s metallurgists have engineered a steel that will perform to your most stringent requirements. Employing a newly developed chemistry, state-of-the art re-melting facilities, a proven forging process and a tightly controlled heat treatment this thru-hardened steel meets all challenges. In addition to consistent surface finishing, the material can be relied on for thermal conductivity, machinability and welding properties.


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