Mobile, Collaborative Robot Increases Shop Capacity

Robotic company, Acieta, presents its FastLOAD CX1000 cobot which prevents shop equipment sitting idle with a quicker setup and maintains a more flexible task handling.


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Acieta FastLOAD CX1000 cobot

Photo Credit: Acieta

To address machine shops facing capacity shortfalls and labor shortages, robotics company Acieta (Waukesha, Wisconsin) introduces its simple-to-use, flexible collaborative robot (cobot) solution, the FastLOAD CX1000 collaborative expandable robotic cell.

To prevent shop equipment from sitting idle, the FastLOAD CX1000 is mounted on a mobile platform that can be moved easily by a single worker, enabling quicker setup at different machines around the shop. The system is equipped with a FANUC 10KG, 120-volt collaborative robotic arm to master material handling tasks. It can be outfitted with up to three modular carts to handle a wide variety of parts or allow more parts in the queue.  

Acieta contends that the FastLOAD CX1000 is pre-engineered to meet the most common machine tooling needs, and is ready for delivery and installation within one week. With the benefits of higher throughput and lower operation costs users are said to see a return on investment in 18 to 24 months.

The cobot includes an intuitive touch screen interface for simple programming, a small footprint and doesn’t require safety fencing, taking up approximately 80% less floor space than a traditional robotic cell.

Acieta says operators work beside the FastLOAD CX1000 to load and unload parts while the robot works continuously on up to two machines, doubling throughput. Force sensors stop the robot when pressure is applied, ensuring a safer application for the operator. With the cobot’s application, employers have the ability to reallocate skilled workers into more challenging and valuable jobs such as quality control and parts design.