Mist Collector

Amano MZ-15

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With its patent-pending diffusion cone and dual filters, the Amano MZ-15 Mist Collector from Vega Tool Corporation (Schaumburg, IL) features a 99.7 percent capturing efficiency of 2μm particles. Its high-efficiency motor and low consumable costs allow the MZ-15 Mist Collector to provide the best cost-performance of any filtration style mist collector available today.

MZ-15 Mist Collectors utilize premium-efficiency, NEMA-compliant 1hp (0.75kW) motors. These motors help the MZ-15 to achieve a collection capacity of up to 460 cubic feet per minute (13 cubic meters per minute), while consuming far less energy than similarly powered models. Additionally, these motors operate at a low noise level of less than 72db.

The Amano MZ-15 Mist Collector has a compact design and can be mounted directly on virtually any machine tool. These mist collectors are ideal for a wide variety of filtering applications including machining centers, lathes, EDMs and grinding machines.

Designed for quick maintenance, filter replacement on the MZ-15 can be completed in less than a minute without tools or removing the mist extraction duct hose. Each new unit comes with two sets of primary and secondary filters, which can be washed with water and re-used to further reduce the overall operating costs.