MillQuadFeed Grades and Cutter Body Options Enhances High Feed Milling Capability

New grades and cutter body options have been added to the Tungaloy’s high feed milling cutter SWMT09 insert range for a versatile range of milling options.


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Tungaloy MillFeedQuad range enhancement.

Photo Credit: Tungaloy

Further extending the capabilities of high efficiency milling, Tungaloy America has expanded its MillQuadFeed high feed milling cutter series by adding new grades and cutter body options for its SWMT09 insert range.

According to the company, MillQuadFeed is a new generation of high feed milling cutters, offering two options of insert geometries that cover various high feed milling application needs. Versatile ZER geometry generates light cutting load at great depths of cut, enabling increased cutting depths and reduced number of machining passes. This is particularly effective to boost productivity in challenging rough milling operations of cast iron where a cutting depth can greatly vary on a single working surface. UER geometry, on the other hand, is designed to provide the cutter with a small entry angle, enabling thinner chips during machining and thereby lightening the cutting load impact on the inserts’ cutting edge. UER geometry is ideal for high feed machining of exotic materials where long insert life is crucial.         

The MillQuadFeed series also offers a high density of inserts per diameter as a result of small-sized SWMT09 inserts. Boasting seven inserts in a 50-mm (2-inch) diameter, MillQuadFeed is said to provide 120% higher milling efficiency than a leading competitor's counterpart.

New to the series is the modular tooling solution, the HXSW09 modular style cutter head, which is available in diameters 25 mm and 32 mm. Combined with various sizes of modular shanks, Tungaloy says the modular cutter head can be used in an optimal overhang length for every high feed milling application.

Further, the shell mill cutter line has new diameter additions of 52 mm and 63 mm, enhancing the existing line of 40 mm and 50 mm diameter cutters. In addition to this, a new line of coarse pitch design cutters have been introduced to address the needs where fewer number of teeth are wanted in contact with the work surface, minimizing chatter.

Enhancing Tungaloy’s existing line of AH3135 insert grade four new additions have been added, including AH3225 for steel, AH130 for stainless steel and titanium alloys, AH120 for cast iron and AH8015 for hardened steel and Inconel.


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