Milling Solution


Diebold (Sharon, WI) offers JetSleeve®, a system shown to reduce cutter-breakage and extend tool-life significantly, yield an improved surface-finish, and most importantly, add dollars to your bottom line while improving the quality of your product.

The JetSleeve consists of a specially-constructed ThermoGrip® chuck and an aluminum sleeve.  The sleeve is provided with a series of calibrated holes around the tool opening to ensure a constant supply if the desired amount of coolant or air to the cutting-tool.  The small size of these holes forces the air or coolant to accelerate to a very high velocity, ensuring that any chips or fines created by the machining process are flushed out immediately. This means that the cutter does not run-over a chip while cutting, and results in, roughly, a doubling of tool life. This is especially useful in “lights-out” operations.

The system can be used on any machine with a central-coolant supply.  With an MMS system, it can be even more useful.  The entire system is contained within the tool, and there are no moving parts or delicate tubes.  The affordability of this system ensures that it can be justified to the most cost-conscious manager, and the ease of use will win over the most skeptical machinists on the shop floor.

JetSleeve tools are available for tools used on tilting spindles as well, with special provisions for ensuring the delivery of the desired quantities of lubricant.

JetSleeve  is manufactured from the finest materials, and with meticulous attention to details.  The connection between the sleeve and the toolholder is simply one O-Ring, and once the sleeve is tightened onto the toolholder with a torque wrench, it will stay locked until it is deliberately removed.  Even repeated M19 sequences with a high-speed spindle will not loosen the sleeve if properly installed.

The sleeve has 16 small-diameter holes on its face at different angles.  These holes are recessed a few tenths of a millimeter.  The differing angles and recesses guarantee that there is no unswept spot on the workpiece, and that the chips generated are cleared-out immediately.  

Diebold JetSleeve Chucks are available for cutting tools with shanks between 3 and 20mm, and in all HSK and Steep-Taper sizes.  Special lengths and variants are available as well. They system can be used with MMS units, air-only units, emulsion units, or conventional through-tool coolant supplies.  Using MMS systems, the consumption is roughly 30 ml of solution a day.