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GF AgieCharmilles (Lincolnshire, IL) has introduced six products that include milling centers, EDMs and flexible automation solutions. The MIKRON HSM 600U LP is the ideal high-speed milling solution for prototype production, die making and fully automated low-volume series production where accuracy and surface finish are key success factors. The MIKRON HPM 450U is a high-performance machine that boasts a new torque rotary/tilt table for unencumbered five-axis machining and a spindle well suited for all applications from micro to macro. The MIKRON HPM 800U HD is a fully automated five-axis, high-output compact machining center with various pallet magazines.


The FORM 300 vP with System 3R WPT1+ automation is a highly versatile diesinker EDM solution representing new dimensions in autonomy and flexibility; the innovative FORM 200 mS diesinker EDM is equipped with the Rotary Tool Changer (RTC) system; the CUT 2000 OilTech wire EDM uses oil as a dielectric for superior surface protection; and the DRILL 300 is a quick, accurate, reliable and powerful five-axis, hole-drilling EDM machine.


The CUT 1000 is specially designed for micro applications and equipped with the Integrated Vision Unit (IVU) that provides optical access to part details that a 3-D probe does not.