Micro-Welding Laser System for Mold Repair—LaserStar Technologies, Booth 601

7700 series

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LaserStar Technologies will showcase its Universal Jig and 7700 series micro-welding laser system for plastic injection mold, tool and die maintenance and repair applications.
The laser system can lay a bead as small as 0.0025" (0.05 mm); repair slots, pockets, radius contours and angles; repair polished, textured and engraved surfaces; repair thin walls with little or no warping; and repair parting line edges and heat-sensitive areas. Alloys include tool steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and powdered metals.
According to LaserStar, the system produces a high-quality result, reduces the amount of handwork required before polishing and practically eliminates sink lines.
LaserStar Technologies will be at amerimold 2013 in Booth 601. Register today!


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