Micro Welder


The MOLDMENDER Micro Welder from Rocklin Manufacturing Co. (Sioux City, IA) repairs plastic injection molds, rubber processing molds, and die casting molds and dies made of steel.

Typical applications are parting lines, corners/edges, pin holes/scratches, machining errors, etc. Repairs are accomplished by producing interlinking spot welds to totally bond metallic ribbon, wire, paste or powder to the desired area of the workpiece. The equipment quickly repairs molds and dies using the same or similar materials as the work piece. There is virtually no heat, so shrink lines and other cosmetic defects are eliminated. Surface finishing may be done by EDM'ing, grinding, machining, plating, polishing, etc. to obtain the desired sharp edges or other contours.

The MOLDMENDER pays for itself by saving molds and dies, the company states. All units are shipped complete with accessories, repair materials, and instruction manual.


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