Micro End Mills; Booth 716

High-performance CBN micro end mills.

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Emuge Corp. has expanded their Micro End Mills Series with the introduction of high-performance CBN micro end mills.  CBN (Cubic Boron Nitrate) is the hardest known substance next to diamond, and provides the cutting edge for long-lasting end mills.  The CBN End Mills are capable of highly efficient machining of hard steels and cast iron, and also provide unmatched tool life and surface finish when machining copper electrodes for use in EDM operations.

The Emuge Micro End Mills are specially designed to meet the unique and demanding requirements for a wide range of micro machining applications.  An innovative, geometrically optimized cutting edge combined with a slim, concave, tapered neck provide flexible, high-performance milling solutions in a wide variety of materials from 66 Rc hardened steel to graphite.  

Emuge Micro End Mills are ideal for milling injection molds, extrusion dies and electrodes for EDM.  They are also well suited for high-precision surface structuring of macroscopic components as well as micro-mechanical parts production.

This versatile, extensive series of Emuge Micro End Mills encompasses ball nose, torus and flat end designs that are available in cutting diameters from .2mm (.008”) to 2mm (.080”), with effective length-to-cutting diameter ratios up to 10:1.

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