Micro EDM Technology

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Literature from Alouette Tool Co.

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Literature from Alouette Tool Co. Ltd. (Fairport, NY) details the company’s variety of micro EDM technology and micro erosion technology solutions with photographs and diagrams. Both the SX-100 and SX-200 (designed for larger workpieces) feature multi-axis motion, high precision micro-machining; a multi-axis CNC that allows the indexing of complex work pieces; high production capability with a slide W-axis (Z2), C-indexing spindle, A/B positioning indexing axis and multiple hole sequence process; SX-MMI “On-board” user-friendly unlimited program and editing software; a Micro-Pulse EDM generator MPS for smaller, deeper and more precise perfect holes; and high surface finishing capability down to Ra 0.1 and Ra 0.05 with the Micro Fine Pulse Shape Generator MFPS. It also features micro EDM’ing technology with solid and tube electrodes from 45 microns to 3.0 mm. and high precision positioning accuracy up to ±1 micron. www.alouettetoolco.com