Magic Lens for Molds and Components

Hasco brought out the Magic Lens at its booth this year, which gives customers X-ray vision for viewing mold projects.

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Amerimold 2015 attendees were able to check out the Hasco digital world with its app for company news and videos, and useful calculators, as well as its Magic Lens, a new way to put imagination and "x-ray vision" into mold projects. This augmented reality communiation tool enabled visitors to see important components in action and allowed them to steer actual processes themselves. Magic Lens is designed to render even complex technical mechanisms and their particular qualities tangible. Its ability to produce 3D visualizations directly on the product illustrates the product's technical details, such as differences in temperature and insulation boards. Supporting material, such as product sheets in several language versions, interactive 3D models or videos, also can be accessed with just the tip of a finger.

Hasco also presented additions to its standard metric mold base plate and component product range, including the A8001 clamping fixture and Z1246 temperature controller, and its line of DLC-coated collapsible cores, which range from 8 to 200 mm.  New products included wider mold base ejector risers, ejector plate thread adapters and permanent magnets to hold metal inserts while over-molding. Also on display were cooling line products like thinner diverting elements, adapters to connect both 9-and 13-mm sizes together in-line, the expanded Push-Lok system, and the newest Z99 Cool Cross system. 


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