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ALERE® Manufacturing v9.5

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TIW Technology (Easton, PA) is pleased to announce the release of ALERE® Manufacturing v9.5 which features the integration of ALERE Data Acquisition. When installed internally to ALERE Manufacturing, this new product provides the operator with a streamlined system for issuing material to work orders. Accuracy is assured as all scanning information is validated in real time. In addition to accommodating a variety of scanning devices, the functionality of ALERE Data Acquisition is enhanced in that it can also be installed as an external executable program.

A few of the many other new enhancements found in ALERE Manufacturing v9.5 includes: 

  • Internal Email System – Save time and effort by creating and sending emails directly from ALERE instead of using a standard email program. 
  • Update BOM Revisions – Easily and accurately update work order material lists based on new or past revisions of the BOM. 
  • Drag & Drop Schedule Board – Fine tune a schedule simply by dragging and dropping individual operation steps on the View Schedule screen. Schedule conflicts are avoided since activities are monitored in real time to ensure that all applicable constraints are met before schedule changes are saved.

ALERE Manufacturing v9.5 boasts many more new features, reports and enhancements and comprises eight modules: Manager, Order, Route, Machine, Schedule, BOM, Plan, and Cost. These modules are available individually or in useable combinations with a five-user license LC LAN Client Server version at $3000 per module or a Small Business (SB) two-user license LAN version at $995 per module.

Finally, ALEREÒ Manufacturing will seamlessly interface with ALEREÒ Accounting to produce a true single-source ERP solution. ALERE Manufacturing also integrates well with currently supported accounting systems (AccountMateÒ LAN and SQL, SAGEÒ Pro and VP Series). All ALERE Business Applications are modifiable, upgradeable and supported by a knowledgeable technical and training staff.