Marketplace Connects Companies Offering CNC Work with the Right Suppliers is a global, digital marketplace that leverages company profiles and a search engine to connect CNC work with CNC suppliers.

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Orderfox Ag offers a digital global marketplace that connects companies looking for assistance with CNC work to companies that offer CNC services. Users create a company profile that makes it easy for businesses to find one another. Companies that are not at operational capacity can use to find new clients. The Orderfox platform has intelligent filter functions that help a company find the right work from among thousands of available jobs. Job details like contact information and company profiles are listed in the search results. Users can then express their interest in a business with the click of a button. also helps companies who want to advertise available CNC work. Companies can advertise work and find the right CNC suppliers. Companies advertising work simply provide a brief description of the project, enter the workpiece specifications, upload any necessary attachments, and the job will appear on immediately. offers users advertising work with an overview, with details of who has shown interest in a job and when.