Manifold Joining Technology

Polyshot, Inc. (W.

Polyshot, Inc. (W. Henrietta, NY) is using an in-house plate fusion technology to join the multiple plates of its hot runner manifolds. This technology provides numerous benefits for hot runner users, including smoother flow paths, excellent color change capabilities, and better performance in multi-material molds. Smooth flow channels in any hot runner system are important to ensure the molten plastic is delivered to the mold with no “hang-up” areas, where small amounts of material can get caught. When this happens, the material will degrade and cause black specks to appear in the finished parts. Flushing out the manifold will only provide temporary relief of the problem. The company’s new approach involves machining the flow channels into the manifold plates, then joining the plates using their new proprietary fusion technology. With this new technology, the company can join up to four plates at a time. The technology allows the company to design and produce systems with gradual turns in the flow channel, and even provide different flow path diameters (starting off with a small channel, enlarging it, then going back to a smaller diameter, for instance). Other benefits of this new technology include: no “turn plugs” are required, which are difficult to install without some mismatch between the plug and the manifold flow path; -no secondary “honing” of the flow path is required; and all Polyshot manifolds are constructed out of hardened and ground tool steel. .