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Mastercam X5; Eastec.Booth #5249

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Mastercam/CNC Software (Tolland, CT) will feature the latest in the line of powerful Mastercam machining software—Mastercam X5—which introduces significant new capabilities, including new dynamic milling techniques, multiaxis machining, Smart Hybrid Finishing, and much more. Hybrid finishing intelligently blends two efficient cutting techniques in a single toolpath. This new toolpath evaluates the model shape and smoothly switches between Constant Z cutting and Constant Scallop machining. The result is a dramatically finer finish with less work.


Mastercam’s new 3D surface high speed OptiRough toolpath is a new technique designed to remove large amounts of material quickly using its successful dynamic milling motion. Large, aggressive cuts are followed by fast, smaller up-cuts, safely delivering a fully roughed part faster than ever.