High-Performance Drilling and Tapping


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YCM’s (Santa Fe Springs, CA) FV50T high-speed, high-performance drilling and tapping center is designed with versatility to meet today’s diverse requirements, especially in automotive and electronics industry. As a combination of high speed, high precision and ultimate efficiency, FV50T will be exactly the best investment you’ve ever made.


Features include a high rigidity body structure with an extra wide base that supports the headstock and reduces overhand problems to achieve flawless, dynamic accuracy with a maximum load on table of 551 pounds; flexible working area (capable of fitting a fourth axis rotary table or fixture to satisfy different job requirements) with a compact footprint (62.99" wide and 87.99" long); the company’s own IDD spindle that delivers up to 10,000 RPM spindle speed; and direct-drive design an all three axes.


The company also has expanded its TC Series, High Performance High Precision CNC Lathe.