Machining Calculator Available for Windows

Machinist Calc Pro for Windows

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Calculated Industries, maker of the Machinist Calc Pro handheld calculator, has introduced a Windows-compatible software version of its powerful and popular machining math tool.

Machinist Calc Pro for Windows is an easy-to-use program that lets machining pros use advanced machining math calculations and reference tools without leaving their estimating, scheduling, CAD/CAM, CNC or other machining programs. Precise machining outputs for tasks like bolt pattern layouts can be printed instantly or pasted into spreadsheets, plans or instructions. Machinist Calc Pro for Windows has more complete Thread data than the Machinery's Handbook, including step-saving Thread and Drill Size chart look-ups, speeds and feeds, right triangle solutions, trigonometric functions and much more, the company states. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems.

Dedicated functions include:

  ▪ Built-in drill and thread size tables

  ▪ Drill point cut depth solutions

  ▪ Cutting speed, spindle speed (RPM)

  ▪ Feed rate, cutting feed, feed per tooth (chip load)

  ▪ Bolt pattern hole layouts

  ▪ Advanced bolt pattern hole layouts with center x, y coordinate

  ▪ Right triangle math

  ▪ Trigonometric solutions

  ▪ Wire sizes and three-wire measurements