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Hurco machine tools will be exhibited at three EASTEC booths. Hurco distributor Brooks Associates will exhibit the five-axis VM10Ui mill and the mill turn TMM8i at Booth 1205; CCAT will exhibit the Hurco five-axis VMX30Ui at Booth 1354, and Greenleaf will showcase the 3-axis VM10i mill at Booth 5317. All of the machines feature the new design Hurco introduced at IMTS 2012. While the sleek exterior design of the Hurco machines with the new Hurco logo is the most noticeable difference from the classic Hurco machine tools, the inclusion of UltiMotionTM is the most significant technological difference. UltiMotionTM is only available on Hurco mills, both three-axis and five-axis. This patented feature reduces cycle time by up to 30 percent and significantly increases surface finish quality, the company reports.

The five-axis VM10Ui has X/Y/Z travels of 21x16x19, X/Y/Z rapids of 945 inches per minute, a 20-station ATC, and the integrated Hurco control that supports both ISO/EIA NC programming and conversational programming. The TMM8i mill turn, slant-bed lathe with live tooling has X-axis travels of 7.8 inches and Z-axis travels of 20 inches, a maximum turning diameter of 10.1 inches, a maximum turning length of 17.9 inches, and a maximum bar capacity of 2 inches.