Machine Tool Learning Lab; imX

Production on Demand Solutions; see us at Booth #1808, #1822

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Methods Machine Tools, Inc. (Sudbury, MA) will feature solutions for “Production on Demand”, including seminars in learning labs and witness demonstrations. Learning labs will feature short-run production techniques during the following sessions: Automation on Demand, automation strategies for multi-axis machines specifically designed for the job shop environment utilizing vision, laser, RFID, and bar code reading; Five-Axis on Demand, an impeller manufacturing strategy; Ultimate Production on Demand, showing how Kennametal integrated five-axis Cublex technology equipped with horizontal and vertical turning; Multi-Tasking on Demand takes turn/mill lathes to the next level with quick changeovers for small lot production in minutes; Extreme EDM on Demand, breakthrough multi-axis EDM technologies; Software on Demand, a demonstration of G-code simulation and optimization for both milling and multi-tasking lathe applications; and Comparative Measurement on Demand, in-process and post process comparative measurement.