Machine Maintenance/Productivity Program

Complete Care

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MAG’s Complete Care program is helping shops squeeze higher productivity out of the latest machine tool technology by addressing six areas where small details add up to big savings. Focusing on application support, interactive diagnostics, preventive maintenance, on-site service, parts management and training, the program has been credited with generating double-digit savings by lowering cost of operation and cost per part. Manufacturers are experiencing first-hand the benefits of MAG’s approach to machine maintenance and productivity, allowing the Complete Care program to prove its worth where it counts—on the shop floor, the company states.
As manufacturers focus on core capabilities, machine-tool maintenance and monitoring are often determined to be non-core functions, and they get postponed or neglected all together, until a problem arises and the machine goes down. Therefore, MAG notes that a dedicated service/support partner is not only a cost-effective way to improve machining capability and utilization it’s also the best way to keep an eye on future needs and procedures to help improve productivity.
The application support component of the Complete Care program combines with the manufacturing functions that secure production output, as MAG experts analyze the tasks assigned to both MAG and non-MAG machines.
The same applies to MAG’s interactive diagnostics/machine monitoring service. The company’s Freedom eLOG® software provides real-time performance management to increase productivity and machine ROI by identifying and resolving inefficiencies and out-of-cycle events as they happen. It also provides interactive, on-demand reporting of equipment availability, utilization, performance, quality and OEE.
Managers know that downtime is the enemy on the shop floor and the best way to ensure against it is a regular, well-planned preventive maintenance program. This is the core of the Complete Care program, as big savings can be realized through operational and maintenance efficiencies, and streamlined purchasing and asset management, the company notes.
If a machine does go down the Complete Care program includes on-site service support designed to quickly diagnose the problem and get the machine back online. Interactive tech support via video, voice and data communications facilitates quick solutions and minimal downtime.
For high-volume, high-complexity machining operations the parts management component of the Complete Care program is key to consistent high productivity. MAG takes complete responsibility for parts inventory and consumables, including spindles, tooling and fluids.
Continuous training is the part of the Complete Care program most often overlooked, but it can have a huge effect on OEE. Feedback on the shop floor, in the form of training, passes on the intelligence and experience gained from Freedom eLOG.