Machine Control Software

Tormach LLC (Waunakee, WI) has released CNC machine control software.

Tormach LLC (Waunakee, WI) has released CNC machine control software. Based on a platform of widely popular CNC controller Mach 3 from ArtSoft, the M3 release contains new modifications that allow direct integration with a variety of CAM applications. With its mid-size, affordable, and highly accessible PCNC 1100 mill equipment, the company has brought the benefits of precise computerized cutting to individual craftsmen and small to medium-sized businesses. Besides well-designed hardware, easy-to-use PC-based software controls have been a critical element in the personal CNC trend. The company’s customers receive access to 3-D CAD with Alibre Design Xpress, a user-affable mechanical modeler. CAM software, which converts CAD drawings and models into machine-read toolpaths, is included with the PCNC 1100 mill in the form of a starter edition of SheetCAM. CNC Machine Control converts CAM-produced g-code instructions as machine movements. The M3 modifications allow the program to work directly with SheetCAD, as well as TurboCADCAM and SprutCAM. Other features of the new controller include a feed & speed calculator, pre-programmed M-codes for tapping head, improved tool path displays, a maintenance hour log, and extended conversational programs, in addition to new user definable G28 operation.