Long-Edge Cutter


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ATI Stellram (LaVergne, TN) introduces a new chevron-style milling cutter, the Stellram® 5230VS12, designed specifically for machining titanium and other difficult to machine materials, such as

nickel-based alloys ands cobalt-based alloys.


In comparison studies, the Stellram 5230VS12 cutter achieved metal removal rates up to two times greater than comparable cutters on the market. This is vital in aerospace applications where part design often calls for up to 80% metal removal.


The 5230VS12 chevron cutter positions multiple inserts along the cutting edge of each helical flute. This advanced design of the insert placement provides smooth, progressive penetration and cutting action for extended tool life, lower power consumption and up to a 30% improvement in surface finish.


Cutters range from 2.5 inches to 4.0 inches in diameter, with four to six flutes. Depending on flute length, from 6 to 14 inserts can be positioned along each flute. Individual coolant jets to each insert provide constant chip evacuation and temperature stability in the cutting zone. Two insert grades are available for the Stellram 5230VS12