Tie Rod Cylinder Linear Cushioning Does Not Require Adjustment

Tie rod cylinders from AHP Merkle have new linear cushioning and can move large masses at high speeds.


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Tie rod cylinders from AHP Merkle are equipped with new linear cushioning. The company says that they can move large masses at high speeds and can brake them again within a very short period of time. This increases performance and the efficiency of the cylinder. This linear cushioning requires no adjustment.

The tie rod cylinder is a hydraulic cylinder according to DIN/ISO 6020/2, it has maximum operating pressure of 160 bar, and it has piston diameters from Ø 25 mm to Ø 200 mm. The tie rod cylinder has multiple mounting options available, is equipped with linear cushioning, and comes with ground, hardened and hard chrome-plated piston rods as a standard. The clyinder is equipped with Viton seal as a standard. It is tie-rod rolled and has interchangeable assembly dimensions and quick availability. The company says that the tie rod cylinder has quick and easy maintenance and installation. AHP Merkle tie rod cylinders are interchangeable with all other tie rod cylinders.