Linear Ball-Bearing Bushes

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The new linear ball-bearing bushes Z13/... from Hasco (Fletcher, NC) are designed primarily for the precise guiding of ejector plates in injection moulding tools, compression moulds and diecasting moulds, and for the guiding of mould plate assemblies.

These highly versatile guide bushes are characterised by maximum load-bearing capacity and unlimited stroke lengths without any movement of the cage. The guide ball bearings roll continuously in the rotating ball tracks, virtually eliminating the possibility of denting the guide pillar.

Simple installation of the Z13/... in H7 drill holes is possible in the smallest of spaces, and because there is no stroke restriction due to the special construction of the ball cages, installation is very much easier. The linear ball-bearing bushes can withstand operating temperatures of 180°C without problem. Coordinated to the HASCO guide pillars Z01/..., Z012/..., Z013/... and the new guide support pillars Z58/..., the linear ball-bearing bushes have many possible applications wherever precise guidance of plates in the mould is required.



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