Leakproof Threaded Nozzle

09E nozzles

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Synventive Molding Solutions has introduced a new leakproof threaded nozzle, the 09E, for use with its line of ‘Plug ‘n Play®’ unitized hot runner systems.  

The 09E threaded nozzle is available with both thermal gate and valve gate options.  It features a 9mm internal flow bore (with 30mm mold cut-out) and is ideal for medium-sized part applications with maximum shot weights of 250 grams per nozzle.  Since these nozzles are threaded directly into the hot runner manifold, a leakproof system is provided without critical stack-up dimensions that must be maintained.  These nozzles are externally heated and are available in lengths from 60-400mm.  The heaters are easily replaceable and have integrated, replaceable thermocouples.

The 09E nozzles are the latest addition to the Synventive ‘Plug ‘n Play’ hot runner system product line.  Synventive ‘Plug ‘n Play’ systems are fully pre-assembled and tested, and are shipped ready to install in the mold.  As such, they greatly reduce the amount of time normally spent assembling, adjusting, and mounting the hot runner system into the tool.  Synventive ‘Plug ‘n Play’ systems are designed for use in demanding applications including automotive, premium consumer and electronics.