Laser Welding System Meets Smaller Footprint, Affordable Price

Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales releases the ID-1 Fixed Workstation, a system designed by moldmakers for moldmakers and engineered to repair inserts, components and smaller tooling.


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ID-1 Fixed Workstation

Photo Credit: Alliance Specialities and Laser Sales

Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales released the Alliance ID-1 Fiber Laser Welding System five years ago to change the way mold welding was being done. The goal, based on industry feedback, was to create a fiber laser system with a smaller footprint and a lower price point. This system meets both of those needs.

The ID-1 Fixed Workstation is a 300- or 450-watt fiber laser welding system on a budget, engineered for companies needing to repair inserts, components and smaller tooling. The ID-1FW features a motorized X-, Y- and Z-axis table controlled via a variable-speed, pressure-sensitive joystick, and 450 watts of power allows the user to weld virtually any tool steels, including aluminum, MoldMax and copper.

Unlike older YAG welding systems, Alliance says fiber technology offers long-term cost savings by eliminating downtime and maintenance needs. Further, there are no consumables, no chillers and no hidden costs.

Designed by moldmakers for moldmakers, the ID-1FW fiber laser welding system starts at $99,000 and is built, engineered and made in the U.S.