Laser Welding for Mold Repair

Laser welding services

Precision Laser Technology (PLT) has expanded its services to include laser welding for the repair of molds and dies. Whether your welding request is for design changes, reconditioning of existing tooling, or manufacturing corrections, PLT can address your repairs quickly and precisely.

PLT’s Laser Welding systems are equipped with 5-axis control and tilt adjusting optics allowing the laser beam to target vertical surfaces and complex areas with reduced set-ups. Laser welding technology maintains a low energy beam to a precise heat-affected zone. The localized heat and rapid cooling process minimize any thermal overload to the work piece and exclude the need for pre-heating. PLT’s mold experience and welding techniques reduce the amount of necessary post work aiding in the return of your molds back into production.

Tool metals include: 420SS, A-2, H-13, S-7, P-20, BeCu and Aluminum.