Laser Welder Achieves Wide-Range, In-House Repairs

The Sunstone Welder Combo 200 Laser avoids expensive repairs and costly revenue losses with a smooth, near-polished, blemish-free weld. 


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Sunstone 200 Combo Laser

Photo Credit: Sunstone

The Sunstone Combo 200 Laser by Sunstone Welders is a 200-J laser welder specifically designed for the repair of molds and dies, ensuring the avoidance of expensive repairs and costly revenue losses. Attached to a swing arm, the Sunstone 200 Combo can reach a majority of locations, even the largest of molds or dies, and is able to make repairs without removing or relocating the mold. The unit’s flexibility and power range make it the ideal tool for in-house repairs.

The Sunstone 200 Combo sports a touchscreen digital interface for precise control over six separate welding parameters, providing simple control of every aspect during the welding process. Previously used settings can be saved and recalled quickly. Minute control provides the ability to repair a wide range of molds and dies made of different types of material, including injection molds, reaction injection molds, foam molds, high-pressure molds, over molds, thin wall molds, insert molds and more

The Sunstone 200 Combo further creates a smooth, near-polished, blemish-free weld, with capabilities including the capability of repairing cracks, filling porosity, building up an edge, restoring broken pieces, or taking care of normal wear and tear. The tool also shortens the learning curve with its digital interface, online training and tutorials and access to capable and knowledgeable customer service.


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