Laser Marking Workstation


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With the FOBA G3, FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving (Lüdenscheid, Germany) offers a novel workstation for the high-precision and repeatable laser marking and engraving of small workpieces. The versatile 2-in-1 laser machine G3 is ideal for highly-precise deep engravings but also for brilliant laser markings on small and premium parts. This predestines FOBA G3 for varied laser marking and engraving applications in the medical technology industry and fine engraving sector as well as for numerous applications in the metal, tool and mold production. The 2-in-1 laser marking and engraving machine applies finest 2-D/3-D engravings on 3-D surfaces and marks medical instruments, equipment and implants as well as luxury goods such premium watches and jewelry.

Powerful solid state lasers, the automatic vision system IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning) and the manual vision system Point & ShootTM ensure short processing times and high-precision. FOBA G3 excels wherever absolute marking and reproduction accuracy are demanded: from the marking of small plastic and metal parts to the engraving of filigree 2-D/3-D textures and patterns on 3-D surfaces. The patented camera system IMP automatically detects workpieces and their positioning, and adjusts the marking/ engraving accordingly. With Point & ShootTM marking contents are positioned manually directly on a screen image of the product. Both imaging systems allow for upfront verification of what the mark will look like and where it will be. In addition, IMP and Point & ShootTM assist in reducing expensive fixtures and eliminating time consuming trial-and-error processes. Scrap and mismarked parts are reduced, and a consistent highest marking/ engraving quality and accuracy is guaranteed.