Laser Line Probe for Non-Contact Measurement

Laser Line Probe (LLP)

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The new FARO Laser Line Probe (LLP) from FARO Technologies (Lake Mary, FL) adds non-contact measurement capabilities for rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and part-to-CAD inspection to the company’s Edge measurement

The LLP’s nearly four-inch-wide laser stripe significantly increases scan coverage over previous generations without sacrificing accuracy. Using CMOS technology, it features a default scan rate of 60 frames per second and  produces 45,000 points of 3-D data per second. The result is an accurate, 3-D rendering that is fully-compatible with other CAD-based software solutions.

Weighing just 2.8 oz, the LLP integrates seamlessly with the FARO Edge via the device’s quick-change handle port to form the complete Edge ScanArm solution.