Laser Alignment Kit

Microgage 2D Kit

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Pinpoint Laser Systems (Peabody, MA) has introduced a multi-purpose universal alignment kit to improve machinery alignment and enhance production efficiency.   Misaligned rolls and web systems, uneven travel on CNC machine tools, misaligned extrusion casings and poorly aligned bore tubes can all be precisely measured and realigned with the aid of this newest Laser Microgage 2D kit.  The Microgage is easy and intuitive to use allowing you to quickly check your production machinery while reducing dependence on expensive outside alignment services.  Now, plant engineers and maintenance personnel can perform their own alignments on their own machinery at an affordable price. 

The Microgage 2D universal alignment kit includes a laser transmitter, a digital receiver, and a handheld display.   Readings are shown on a LCD screen in 0.0001 inch increments or millimeters and the operator can change settings for their needs.  A rotating base is included, for aligning and checking flat planes such as machine beds, roller assemblies, sliding mechanical stages and other planer equipment.   A precise right angle beam bender is also included for squaring machinery, checking the vertical axis of machine tools, monitoring parallelism of rails, realigning rollers, and much more.  The kit also includes a heavy duty tripod and several mounting fixtures for greater versatility on the plant floor.   An interface cable connects the Microgage to a laptop or PC so that the operator can store readings and generate printouts.   The entire Microgage kit fits into a compact, carrying case for easy storage and transport.