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Jet Tooling

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Sil-Pro has announced a capability to produce tooling and functional prototype silicone or thermoplastic parts within three to five. This new capability is of great benefit for the medical device community and has been thoroughly tested by Sil-Pro for the last year, the company reports.

The company’s current medical customer base asked for expedited services to go from print to reliable prototype parts extremely fast, the company states, and with Sil-Pro’s recent expansion of 25,000 square feet of dedicated tool shop—plus capital investment into a 5-axis high speed machining cell with robot tending for lights-out 24/7 production—Sil-Pro has the high speed capabilities.

The company adds additional estimating and tooling staff to streamline all internal processes to support the three- to five-day turnaround service. Now an engineer can email or upload a Solid Model and Sil-Pro expedites all necessary evaluation, estimating and final quotation for approval. Once the customer approves the quotation, tool building begins and can be completed within two days, and molded prototype parts in two to three days. 

Sil-Pro’s Jet Tooling service includes these additional benefits:

                        •In-house inventory of both pre-hard and hardened stainless steel inserts

                        •Wider selection of materials versus other prototype services

                        •Can become bridge type tooling to pre-production and smaller production runs

                        •Saves money in long run and enhances Design for Manufacturability

Sil-Pro is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified contract manufacturer specializing in molded and extruded silicone, thermoplastics and full-service medical device contract manufacturing and assembly.