IoT Mold Sensors, Mobile Application Attain More Accurate Digital Mold Management 

eMoldino’s next-generation solution anticipates improvements in quality, scope and reach for more accurate and advanced data capture through a more intuitive experience.


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eMoldino IoT mold sensors and mobile application.

Photo Credit: eMoldino

eMoldino presents the next-generation IoT mold sensors and a mobile application compatible with its analytics platform. Through this, eMoldino anticipates improvements in quality, scope and reach for its tooling digitization solution. With boosted capability for predictive analysis, eMoldino says users can expect more accurate reports regarding digital mold management. This includes additional reports and predictive models on quality risk assessment, quality assurance, process change detection and mold life cycle.

The technical advancements in eMoldino’s new mold sensor performance were made in terms of both depth and width. Accuracy of data capture for mold temperature has been improved to reinforce data integrity, ensuring a level of accuracy similar to data on cycle time and shot counts. Additionally, the new model is able to measure and store a more comprehensive set of process parameters, so that crucial data regarding injection time, holding time, cooling time and injection speed are incorporated into the IoT mold sensors’ AI machine learning process. 

According to eMoldino, the mobile application adds a new layer of accessibility and mobility. Receiving important alerts and viewing AI-derived reports through a mobile device has been made possible. Furthermore, users may seek one-on-one technical support from eMoldino’s solution team. Overall, this launch is aimed towards creating an easy, intuitive and effective user experience.