Black/Gold Interlocks

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DME Co. (Madison Heights, MI) has expanded its already extensive line of mold components with the introduction of Black and Gold Interlocks for shuttle mold base applications. These long-lasting interlocks ensure accurate alignment and guidance of the shuttle mold base plates during mold setup and throughout mold operation.

DME offers 10 different combinations of top and side locks in five size ranges. The interlocks are available in sets with two female interlocks and one male interlock or in sets with two male interlocks and one female interlock.

The male interlocks are treated with Melonite, a telluride mineral of nickel that provides longer wear and corrosion resistance. The female interlocks are treated with Titanium Nitride, which hardens the surface and provides resistance to wear. Together, these treatment processes increase the longevity of DME Black and Gold Interlocks so that they provide positive alignment of mold plates much longer than interlocks that are not surface treated.

The shuttle mold base interlocks are completely interchangeable with one another. Instead of having to replace them in pairs as traditionally required, processors can replace each independently, thanks to the precision manufacturing and tolerances in place.