Interchangeable Nozzles Suitable for Common Thermoplastics

Meusburger now has smartFILL single nozzles that have interchangeable tips for several types of gating.

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Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG now has the smartFILL single nozzles from PSG. By using this nozzle, the melt is tempered homogeneously to the injected part. Different types of gating are possible with the interchangeable nozzle tips, which makes the smartFILL nozzles suitable for a wide range of applications and all common thermoplastics with and without fillers.

The heating technology provides heat transfer into the plastic. A differentiated power distribution guarantees a homogeneous temperature profile on the entire nozzle length. Meusburger says that both the heater and the thermocouple can be changed easily and quickly because of the intelligent clip lock.

The streamlined melt channel enables melt exchange by preventing dead spots in the melt flow. It also ensures a low shear stress of the melt as well as high quality color changing. Meusburger says that the nozzle’s tips are highly wear-resistant and easily exchangeable, and that they can be used for different materials and applications like direct gating or gating to sub-manifold. The nozzle length always remains the same even with different gating types. Meusburger also says that the nozzle installs easily. The high strength and corrosion-resistant nozzle body is inserted in the cavity plate and fixed by the clamping plate or the locating ring. The partitioning and re-merging of the melt takes place in the hot zone of the nozzle, which reduces the development of flow lines and thus serves to improve the optical and mechanical quality of the parts.